Use Your Home’s Equity With Equity Loans


Considering the huge investment you have made here, it is ideal that you use this asset when you need money to meet some large, unavoidable expenses such as home improvement or education. You can do this by taking out a homeowner loan.There are different kinds of homeowner loans but the ones you commonly hear of are home equity loans and HELOCs. HELOCs are not actually loans although in common parlance they are referred to in this way. A HELOC is a line of credit that you avail of, with an upper limit that is based on the home’s value. Home equity loans are loans that you take based on your equity holding in the property. These are most often second mortgages taken out by the borrower.How to Use Home Equity LoansAs homeowner loans make a substantial sum of money available, they can be used in many different ways as follows:Debt consolidation- Home equity is often used to consolidate various smaller debts held by the borrower. By taking a home equity consolidation loan you can pay back all your smaller loans and end up with just one single large loan that is easier to manage and keep track of. By making tracking easy you also ensure that there are no missed payments or late payments on this loan.
Home improvements- It makes good sense to use the investment to make improvements to the asset’s current value. This why many borrowers take a home equity loan when they have renovations or additions to make to the house. Once these improvements are completed, the resale value of the property is higher than before. This means that the loan is now a smaller percentage of the home’s actual value.
To make up for bad credit- If you are a bad credit borrower you will find it difficult to get an unsecured loan at reasonable rates. Using your home as security to get a home equity loan lets you make up for the poor credit score. Since the house property has a high resale value, lenders will be quite willing to offer low interest loans based on house property.Home Equity Loan vs. Unsecured LoanAlthough a home equity loan creates a risk on your home, it is still a good option when you compare it with unsecured loans. The home equity loan may actually be processed faster than unsecured loans because the former does not require an extensive credit check.Also, it is difficult to get access to a large sum of money when you are looking for unsecured loans. With a homeowner loan the total loan amount is based on the amount of equity you own in this expensive asset. Given that your largest investment has gone into your home, you can avail of a large loan against this source as collateral.